How to Increase The Number Of Post Comments And Drive More Traffic - High Search Engine Ranking - High Search Engine Ranking Optimization - Search Engine Optimization Strategy - SEO Strategy | H4Hacky !

How to Increase The Number Of Post Comments And Drive More Traffic

Both increasing the post comments on your blog and getting more traffic to your sites are massive issues, which is why this article deals with one in the hopes that it will stimulate the other. This article will show you how to get more comments on your blog.
How to Increase The Number Of Post Comments And Drive More Traffic - High Search Engine Ranking - High Search Engine Ranking Optimization - Search Engine Optimization Strategy - SEO Strategy | H4Hacky !
how to increase blog comments and traffic

How will getting more comments help you drive more traffic?

There are a few reasons. For some reason Google has said before that it considers comments to be good in some ethereal way. We assume that it is because they act as mini updates and Google likes to know that pages are active and maintained.
However, if the updates consist of user comments, then where does the whole “high quality content” gubbins come in to play. The people who comment on blog posts range from the hyper intelligent to the gibbering idiot, so how can Google define if you are writinghigh quality content or writing about how President Obama is not American. Still, Google have said that comments are good, so maybe the benefits of mini updates and user engagement is overall more important or powerful than this quality quandary. So, here is how you drive more comments to your blog posts.

Have people use a Facebook comment section

Install a widget on your blog that is run by Facebook. People have to sign into their Facebook account in order to leave a comment. The widget will show the person’s Facebook profile picture on the comment section next to their comment. This helps to stop some people leaving purposefully nasty messages and helps to reduce spam. There is also a tick-box function that has their comment posted on their Facebook profile page. They actually have to un-tick the box in order stop it being posted, so most people will end up posting by default.
This is great because everybody monitoring their social media profile will see the comment and may also go onto the blog to have a read. They too may then comment and click “like” on the comment that the person left.

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Pose a question at the end of the comment section

This is an old trick, but it still works to some extent. Just do not do that sleazy trick of writing a list on your blog post but then leaving out a key component so that people comment and mention why it was not included. This sort of trick only goes to prove to people that you have no idea what you are talking about on your blog and will have people resent your blog posts.

Get the ball rolling yourself

Add a comment on the comment section yourself. This may start people off and get them talking about your posts on your comment section. You yourself could make an interesting comment that starts the ball rolling and gets other people thinking about the blog post you just wrote.

Be controversial on your blog posts

It may sound like a sleazy trick, but being controversial will get you a lot of comments. People love to stick their nose in and take a moral high ground, even if their moral high ground isn’t that high or correct. If you hit a topic that has a lot of people opposed to it, then even a righteous cause will elicit results.

Engaging content may elicit more comments

In other words, if your content is engaging and of a high quality and makes people think or touches people in some way then it may elicit more comments. There are also times when you look at blog posts and it is good but you cannot think of a single thing you would say in response. The blog is just correct and useful and nothing more. It may be that you need to prompt comments in some way (without ruining the content of your blog post).

More people means more comments

Get more people to look at your blog and you increase your chances of getting more comments. Sure, it is possible to have thousands of viewers and no comments, but there are comment-hungry people out there and if they see a post with no comments they then feel they have to add one.

Your writing “voice” will speak to some people

Giving out facts in a banal manner or in a way that text books do will not engage some people. People need to hear your voice, which is your style, manner, attitude, emotion, etc, in order to elicit a response from them. Learn to use your voice, or find your voice, and apply it to how you write.
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